My workout is better than yours😜 and I’ll explain why. You don’t have to quit your favorite activities–I like lots of activities; walking, swimming, hiking and biking to name a few. However, one of my main workouts has so many perks, so read on to see how it can help you feel young, vibrant and fit!

My workout, Essentrics® uses all the muscles and joints in your body. It stimulates your brain, gets rid of stiffness and makes you feel strong flexible. And just a heads-up — I don’t get paid to do this. I just admire the heck out of the founder Miranda Esmonde-White and her co-founder daughter, Sarah Esmonde-White.


Miranda recommends you spend 25-30 minutes a day–30-45 minutes works best for me. I take breast cancer prevention medication and it causes joint and muscle pain, so a little extra time keeps me pain-free! You on the other hand can figure out what works best for you 💛!

You may love to walk,🚶🏽‍♀️hike,🥾run🏃🏽‍♀️ bike, 🚴 swim🏊🏼 or whatever, and these are great workouts, with lots of great benefits, but you only use certain muscle groups. For example, when you walk, run, hike or bike you use the core and leg muscles which at times can make you feel achy and stiff. But Essentrics works all 600 muscles and all 360 joints and so it rebalances your whole body. It also improves your posture so you have less overall body pain and best of all — it makes you look younger and feel fantastic 💪! It will make all those things you love to do even better!

Complex movements and stimulating your brain

Picture of an Essentrics instructor doing an Essentrics workout
Sarah Esmonde White doing a windmill

In a recent training I took (btw — I’m an instructor, but my certificate lapsed during COVID. I’ll be starting my recertification soon😊), Miranda explained the brain benefits of an Essentrics workout.

She described how a baby develops brain power by learning simple movements: sitting, crawling, standing, and walking, and after some time they become automatic. But, as adults, these automatic movements don’t give us as much brain stimulation so to improve brain function, you need to include complex movements into your workouts.

Complex movements

Complex movements are large full body movements like wiping a table or cleaning a big glass window. You bend your knees in a plié position and use both hands in a swiping motion. These movements work your spine and stimulate your brain which improves blood circulation. The brain regulates everything that’s going on in your body, so it needs to know every single thing that it’s doing. Your brain needs to circulate messages throughout your body and Essentrics’ provides this circulation.

The large movements, like twisting your body, stimulate your brain because it has to figure out how to do them. They are not automated like walking, sitting, standing, etc. They still challenge me to this day (in other words they’re hard 😅). Other exercises include reaching and stretching your hands over your head, windmills, and the Caribbean spine (moving your hips like a belly dancer). Follow this link for a one minute Essentrics video demonstrating these complex movements.

Anyone can do Essentrics®

Esssentrics large complex body movements

I’ve been doing Essentrics for over five years and I always learn something new. Essentrics emphasizes stretching and strengthening and specific movements for the hips, back, ankles, legs, neck, arms — well as I said — all muscles and joints. If you’d like to see more of Miranda and some of her instructors in action for 10-30 minute workouts, you can watch them on youtube.

One other HUGE thing — it doesn’t matter what your fitness level is or your age. Essentrics is for anyone from three years old to 90 and beyond. Of course you should always check with your doctor first as I am not one.

I offered to give a class to a friend and she was afraid she’d slow the class down. NOT TRUE! You do the level that you can! The movements are gentle, yet challenging, and you decide your comfort level. Most workouts are slow and gentle and focus on stretching and strengthening all muscles and joints. And remember, Essentrics helps balance your whole body leaving you feeling young and energetic! Are you understanding why my workout is better than yours ☺️ ❤️!

And then there’s connective tissue

Connective tissue was only discovered about ten years ago and it connects everything in your body. Here is a definition: Connective tissue…supports, protects, and gives structure to other tissues and organs in the body. … Connective tissue is made up of cells, fibers, and a gel-like substance. Types of connective tissue include bone, cartilage, fat, blood, and lymphatic tissue. Kind of complex but it plays an important role in how we feel. Connective tissue needs hydration and the big movements in Essentrics provide this hydration. Connective tissue gets gummed up from being sedentary, lack of movement or exercises where you’re only working certain muscle groups. Sorry to remind you again, but that would be walking, running, biking etc., but, by adding 20-30 minutes of Essentrics most days you’ll balance all your muscles and joints, becoming pain free and you’ll enjoy your favorite activities more 👏🏾!

Have I convinced you that my workout is better than yours?

Ok — so seriously, have I convinced you that my workout is better than yours? Let’s review the benefits. It rebalances your body by working all 600 muscles 360 joints. If you do it regularly, you’ll be pain-free. It improves posture which makes you look younger. It improves blood circulation, stimulates your brain and hydrates your connective tissue so you don’t feel stiff. Anyone can do it–any age and any fitness level. Oh yeah — it makes you feel fantastic when you’re done!

Ways to watch Essentrics®

You don’t need a gym membership. You can watch Miranda on PBS–she’s been their number one fitness instructor for over 20 years. That’s where I discovered her. She has an Essentrics TV station and DVD’s. Or you can find her videos on youtube.

So make sure you get moving and try some Essentrics today! It’s fun and you’ll feel great afterwards. Let me know how it goes for you by leaving a comment below or click the button to email me 👇.

Until next week–from my pen ✍️to your heart ❤️—Kathy

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