What is Personal Growth and How Can I Get Some?

What is personal growth you ask?  It starts with self-awareness. What is self-awareness?  Self-awareness is paying attention-paying attention to the details of your life. Do you ever take time to reflect on your day?  Do you ever ask yourself: “hmm…how did I feel today? How did others make me feel? What were my  reactions to all the different experiences throughout my day? Do ever consider how past events might be affecting you today? It’s important to be self-aware, to be our own personal detective so we can get to understand ourselves better.

Why do we need to understand ourselves better?  Because if we want to experience personal growth and make positive, lasting changes, we have to dive deeper into who we are and “investigate” what’s working and what’s not working in our lives. The benefit to paying attention, on a regular basis, is that it allows us to make shifts in our thinking, our actions, our relationships, our work, our parenting and everything that we value.

There’s always a catch.  Many times we just want the solution.  “Just tell me how I can do this and please hurry up  because I have other things to do.” And believe me, I feel like that a lot-especially when I’m not paying attention.  

Ask yourself how you learn things. You pay attention, you notice the details.  I am a certified Essentrics Instructor and what I love about it, is the body awareness I get, more so than anything else I’ve ever done, which includes walking, swimming, hiking, running,  skiing and tennis. Essentrics works all the muscles and joints in the body and as I workout I really pay attention to how I’m moving, and to what muscles and joints I am stretching and strengthening.   I can walk, run or swim and get lost in my thoughts and it becomes very passive. But with Essentrics, I’m observing every move and how it affects my body. When I’m done I have a feeling of calm and relaxation. That’s just one example.  Think of your own examples when you are aware or immersed in an activity. And maybe you are now aware that you haven’t been doing that. And that’s okay, because your assignment is to start paying attention.

But we need to pay attention to more than those things we really love.  We need to dig into a deeper awareness and us that as your guide. And I will assist you on this journey, so please join me – I would love to walk this path with you. I

In my next post, I’ll be exploring ways we can relax using mediation as a means to self-awarenss. I’ll also clear the air on what meditation is.  I will tell you one thing. It’s not erasing all thoughts from your mind, which is why many people think they can’t do it. It’s finding some time and space to connect with yourself.  

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