Personal growth through self-awareness

What is personal growth you ask?  It starts with self-awareness. What is self-awareness?  Self-awareness happens when we are able to reflect on our feelings, thoughts and physical sensations. It happens when we start to examine our habits, behaviors, relationships and ourselves. Becoming self-aware allows us to look at our lives and see what is working and what is causing us pain. It is then that we can start to realize where we want to make changes and experience personal growth.

How is your self-awareness?

How is your self-awareness? Do you ever take time to reflect on your day and how you felt? On how others make you feel?   About your reactions to all the different experiences throughout your day? Do ever consider how past events might be affecting you now? It’s important to be self-aware, to be our own personal detective so we can understand ourselves better.

Sounds good, but how to I develop self-awareness?

Women meditating on dock by an awe inspiring lake
Taking time to meditate

Meditation is a great way to gain self-awareness. Many people believe that in order to meditate, they need to sit in a buddha like position, chase all thoughts out of their minds and enter into some state of nirvana.. This may be possible with more advanced forms of meditation, but I prefer to meditate using something called Progressive Muscle Relaxation. This form of guided meditation is done by tensing and relaxing your muscles. I just discovered an awesome app called Insight Timer It’s free and has over 24,000 meditations from one minute to several hours. I just love it and I think almost anyone could find a simple meditation to start with. With all the selections you can decide how long you want to meditate. You could probably even meditate for one to two minutes at your desk at work.

I was getting so exhausted from work, not taking breaks and just plowing through the day. I’ve now resolved to take two to three meditation breaks a day and it really helps. I feel much more energized when I get home. It also helps identify emotions which many times we just stuff away. So simple. Make sure you try it out Insight Timer this week. Then leave a comment below or email me and let me know what kind of impact it has.

In my next post, I’ll dive deeper into using mediation as a means to self-awareness and the benefits.

Until then- Kathy

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