What can you do when life is closing in on you?

Life is weighing me down and gnawing at my creative juices. I have a rageaholic, alcoholic -drug addict sister who was written out of my dad’s will. You can read about her behavior in my post Personal Growth Through Chaos. Now, not wanting to take responsibility for her outrageous behavior, she’s contesting the will and we had to hire an attorney to go through this ordeal. Besides that, I feel isolated and frustrated with the pandemic and I’m worried about my blog because it’s gotten off to a slow start. And then that bothersome voice of failure and fear of the future starts screeching in my head and lunging at my confidence. What can you do when life is closing in on you? I turned to one of my favorite inspirational sources —Winnie the Pooh and his friends.

I found this quote by Eeyore: Could be worse, not sure how, but it could be, that was written specifically about the pandemic. Nothing like hearing the truth in times of despair. And thank you Eeyore for your bow to honesty. I hope the clutches of COVID19 haven’t extended to the stuffed animal kingdom.

I’m an extrovert and I need people

Winnie the Pooh and piglet

And Winnie would be starving in this pandemic. And like Winnie, I’m starving too. Because I’m a tried and true extrovert and I need to be with people–I can do without the honey. Not being with people is bringing me down, down, down. My kids visit, and occasionally I hang out with friends, but that doesn’t cut it. It’s the day to day isolation that’s so rough. What can you do when life is closing in on you?

Pull out the big guns

Winnie the pooh flying in the air holding a balloon. There are birds in the sky too.

I had to pull out the big guns and continue my search for Winnie and friends inspiration and this quote cheered me right up.

What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?

It helped squash that bothersome, negative voice in my head. With Winnie by my side I’ll never give up on my writing or my blog. I’ll learn to fly. To be fair with myself, I started this blog one year ago and two months later we were quarantined. I couldn’t join any groups, volunteer, or go to community events where you get to be with real people, which would have helped me promote it with real people.

There’s hope on the horizon

There’s hope on the horizon. As Christopher Robin says to Winnie the Pooh:

Promise me you’ll always remember that you’re braver then you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.

When I started this blog, I made a commitment to become the best writer and storyteller that I could. I’m taking lots of writing classes this year. So far I’ve gone to four Zoom writing classes and I start a five-week non-fiction writing course next week. Not only do I need people, I need instruction in my craft (even if I have to use Zoom for the time being) and that makes me believe that I am strong, brave and smart.

Scoffing at COVID19 (sort of)

I need people so I found a way to scoff at COVID19 (sort of). I signed up for Urban Hive— a shared workplace. Last November, they sent out some promotional deals so I grabbed a three month pass. I had my orientation on Monday and chatted with the manager for almost 30 minutes. I got my extrovert fix and was happy the rest of the day. I’m excited I’ll be around other working people. I’ll get to bounce ideas around and get new and exciting topics to write about. Ah ha dear COVID–I will find people to be with despite all your restrictions. And it’s extremely COVID safe.

What can you do when life is closing in on you?

You can call on Winnie the Pooh and friends when life has you down or any sources that inspire you. Quotes speak their own universal truths to you. Some touch you deeply and can motivate and inspire you. I don’t only use Winnie the Pooh for inspiration, but he’s so cute that he cheers me up. Sometimes I Google “inspirational quotes” or even “inspirational ideas” when life starts closing in on me.

As a writer I love reading quotes from famous authors. You may love historians, art, culture, science — whatever. It seems like there’s a quote for everything these days due to our rich, diverse world. Sometimes I just need a few kernels of wisdom to remind me to keep moving forward, and to remember writing is not easy. It’s easy to give up and I don’t want easy. I want a challenge, to learn, trust in my process, and push the obstacles to one side or get rid of them all together.

That’s it for today. I hope we get back to normal soon, but in the meantime, push yourself to look for what inspires you and keeps you moving forward in the good and bad times.

Until next week, get inspired—–Kathy

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