Want to catch some well-being?

Want to catch some well-being? Here’s how!  I was excited a few weeks ago when an email popped into my inbox about a meditation and well-being workshop given by Deepak Chopra. You probably know he’s a world famous doctor. He has his medical certification in internal medicine with a specialty in endocrinology and he’s written 91 books (overachiever ?). He practiced endocrinology for years and became disenchanted with western medicine and in 1985 he started exploring alternative medicine and is now one of the foremost authorities.  You get the gist – he knows his stuff. 

Although you can find his stuff all over the internet, I thought I’d write out some of the things I learned from his workshop to get you up to speed.  You could also start reading his books —like I said—there’s 91 ?.

In  Deepak’s workshop he explained the 6 Pillars of well-being to live a long, healthy and prosperous life.  Now who doesn’t want some of that?  So, let’s dive into those pillars. 

Pillar number one — sleep

A sleeping fox
You need 8 hours of sleep every night

 You need 8 hours of five 90-minute sleep cycles. When you sleep, toxins are removed from your body and inflammation decreases. Sleep fine tunes the immune system. Lack of sleep is known to cause obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Sleep cycles explained

Let me explain the five sleep cycles. In the first cycle your muscle activity is low and you drift in and out of sleep.  In the second stage, your body starts preparing for deep sleep. Everything starts to slow down: eye movements, brain waves and heart rate. Also, your body temperature drops. The third and fourth stages are deep sleep with extremely slow brain waves. In the fifth stage, called REM sleep, your eyes are closed but move quickly from side to side. This is when you have intense dream and brain activity.  Want to catch some well being– get a good nights sleep! But how you may ask? Read on to find out.

Pillar number two–stress management–aka meditation

Women in meditation pose
Use meditation for stress management

According to Deepak, there have been thousands of studies on meditation and it surpasses all other kinds of stress management techniques. I’ll explain this by going a little scientific on you.  You have these two nerves called the sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic nerve is your fight or flight response which alerts you to danger and regulates your heart and respiration rates, and controls eye movement. Maybe you’ve notice when you feel afraid your heart starts pounding hard. That is your parasympathetic or fight or flight response. 

The sympathetic nerve doesn’t let the body overwork like the parasympathetic nerve–the fight or flight response. It is responsible for helping relax your mind after a stressful situation and especially when you meditate. In meditation you connect to the unconditional mind where you’re not limited by your past experiences and you awaken to your true potential.

Meditation helps you be less reactive, sleep better, lowers blood pressure, and gives your immune system a boost. You notice and make conscious decisions and have more power of intention. It actually helps improve your health in general.

Pillar number three–movement

Blog author Kathy outside walking
The unbelievable benefits of walking

Dr. Chopra recommends movement. Not sure if he’s into pole vaulting, football, boxing or anything like that. He didn’t mention it.  His big things are walking and yoga.  He mentions both and says everyone should walk 10,000 steps a day. But I think any form of safe exercise will do. Want to catch some well-being? Exercise because it produces the feel good hormones of serotonin and oxytocin.

Pillar number four–positive emotions

Smiling baby laying on it's stomach and looking up.
Feeling positive emotions is a part of well-being

You need to feel emotions like love, compassion, joy, and peace of mind. Also, you need to listen deeply to others, accept and don’t try and change them. You also need people in your life who do the same for you. In other words you need relationships where you trust and respect others and they trust and respect you.

Pillar number five-good nutrition

Picture of apples, carrots, kiwis, squash, lettuce, broccoli, bananas and grapes
Eat a plant based diet

Good nutrition. Eat a mostly plant based diet and make sure you eat fruits and vegetables that use all the seven colors of the rainbow. If you eat meat, eat only organic. Don’t eat processed food because it has steroids, hormones and chemicals and the body is not meant to ingest these.  It’s meant to eat food from the earth. 

Pillar number 6–biological rhythms and grounding

There are four rhythm’s in our biology. First is the circadian rhythm, which is our sleep-awake cycle that happens over 24 hours. Next are the seasonal rhythms and how we adapt and react in spring, summer, winter and fall. Next, is the tidal rhythm which is the regular ebb and flow of oceans and very large inland bodies of water. This cycle subjects seashore plants and animals to a rhythmic change. And lastly, the lunar rhythm has to do with the 29.5 days of the moon and tides. It influences different behaviors in marine animals. That’s it in a nutshell. Read The Rhythms of Life: The Biological Clocks that Control the Daily Lives of Everything for more information.

He also talks about getting in sync with the cycles through grounding which can be as simple as talking a walk barefoot on the grass or beach. This resets and recharges the body. Grounding also decreases inflammation which is the cause of many diseases. Want to catch some well-being? Take a walk barefoot (but do it in a safe place where you won’t hurt your feet??!)

Want to catch some well-being? Let’s review!

Make sure you get enough sleep?, manage stress with meditation?‍♂️?, develop relationships based on love and compassion?, maintain a healthy diet?​?​?​?​??, and be in tune with your biological rhythms ?.

That’s all for today! Check out some of my featured books by Deepak (you don’t actually have to read all 91 ?) and for more information on biological rhythms check out The Rhythms of life: The Biological Clocks That Control The Daily Lives of Every Living Thing.

Don’t forget to email me or leave a comment below.

See you next week–from my pen ✍️ to your heart ❤️.

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