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Jon Kabat-Zinn, in his book: Meditation Is Not What You Think It Is, explains some myths about meditation.

  • It is not:
    • sitting on the floor removing all thoughts from your mind.
  • It does not:
    • have to be practiced a long time to have any effect.
  • You do not have to:
    • adopt to a specific spriitual framework.

Let’s talk about what meditation is then…

Meditation reminds us to stop “doing” and come into “being.” We create habits and limitations in our minds and we get stuck. Meditation allows us to stop for a few minutes and start to notice what’s happening with us and helps us become unstuck.

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We don’t have to spend hours meditating and it should not become just another item on our “to do” lists. We can spend five minutes, 10 minutes or more, some place quiet where we can close our eyes and reconnect with ourselves.

We become so bogged down by our problems, fears, anxieties, and to do’s that we never live in the”now” – we are either in the past or the future. As Kabat-Zinn says in his book ” We want to have a relationship with this moment. If you check your watch you will find it is “now” again.” I love that!

Meditation helps us examine our lives

Without meditation, we don’t examine our lives, experiences and habits and we can feel stressed or even depressed and that our lives are spiraling out of control. We can change all of that by meditating. Meditation helps us focus on the “now” and gives us the awesome experience of noticing new and exciting things in this world. We start to realize that we do have the ability to face our own fears and challenges, and that we also have the ability to reignite our passions as we connect to our authentic self. It is truly the beginning of a life-long love affair – with ourselves.

Try a simple meditation

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It’s your turn to find joy in meditation

So now it’s your turn. Find someplace quiet where you won’t be disturbed (I even go out to my car on my lunch hour sometimes) and sit quietly for 5 or 10 minutes. If it helps, find a simple guided meditation on youtube, or just listen to some calming music (which. you can also find on youtube, Spotify, your playlist or wherever). Try this for a week – if you like you can increase the time. I would love to hear about your experience. Email me: [email protected]m

For my next post, I’ll dive deeper into meditation, mindfulness and awareness.

Until then-Kathy 🙂

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