Kick your stereotypes out the door!

Kick your stereotypes out the door! What are some of yours by the way? Are you young, middle aged, or old? How’s your fitness level? Bad, okay, good or great? Are you married, divorced or single? Do you like, love or hate your job? Or are you retired? Are you from the Northeast, the Midwest, the South, or the West of the United States? Were you born, in the US or in another country? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Are you a boomer, millennial, generation x, y or z? Okay, okay—so you get my drift.

I’ve been pondering this and decided it’s time to break out of my stereotype. I’ve felt embarrassed about my age for too long, and I’m over it. I guess it’s my New Year’s 🥳 resolution or maybe it’s timely because 2021 is one day from now. But, whatever it is, it’s time to fling that bad-assed bitch out the window and replace it with my new stereotype: sixty-ish, single and kicking but! And why not — as the song 🎶 goes, if you survive til 105, you’re still young at heart ❤️ . Or maybe a more appropriate song is Born to be Wild 🤪 ! Yep–those are my 2021 songs!

One resolution I’ll definitely keep!

ANIMATED figure in a white suite with a face mask and gaint syringe in his hand with a COVID19 vaccine shooting at COVID19 cells who are scared.
Good riddance COVID19

I do have one specific New Year’s resolution–get a COVID19 vaccine! And the rest are resurrections of my old self! I need (desperately) to kick my extrovert self back in gear (I miss people 😢 ), welcome back fun, travel, and seeing old friends, take lots of art history and writing classes and write, write, write ✍️ ! Continue to evolve — that’s how I like to look at it.

Do you have a stereotype you’re ready to kiss good-bye?

Which one of your stereotypes or stories are bringing you 😢 down and are ready for their good-bye kiss? Maybe you’ve had a lot more reflection time this past year–God knows I have! Maybe you can decide to shed some of those pesky old beliefs that provide, um let’s see, absolutely nothing to your life.

Word on the street about New Year’s Resolutions

The word on the street is that only 8% to 19% of people keep their New Year’s resolutions. And why? According to a study by Scranton University people don’t make them specific enough. And believe me, getting specific about something is challenging–especially if you’re not mentally vested in changing no matter what. And that requires work. You need to write down your goals, have a way to measure them (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and have realistic deadlines to accomplish them. This means making way for new stuff and getting rid of the old.

Kick your stereotypes out the door!

Let’s face it–it’s hard to change-especially ourselves. You may start out with a bang at the beginning of the year, and somehow those old habits and negative voices get in your way and then–crash, boom another year’s resolutions are out the window. But I believe you can change if you commit and persist. And visualize, visualize visualize how awesome it will be on the other side!

Black and shite drawing of a kitty hanging towels out to dry.
Never throw the towel in

One thing I might suggest, and I’m going to do this too, is write out four or five things you want to accomplish this year. Then, at the end of each month (with a calendar reminder on the last workday of the month) check and see where you’re at. If you’ve fallen behind, review where you are and get back on track. Getting behind doesn’t mean failure. You just need to startup again. Not so hard, right? The thing is to never throw in the towel. You just pick it up, hang it out to dry, take it down and you’re ready to continue. Remember, one of the goals–kick your stereotypes out the door!

This is the last blog of 2020 but I’ll see 👀 you on the other side (as in next Thursday)! So happiest of New Year’s to you and may we get our COVID19 vaccines and look forward to a happier and healthier 2021.

From my pen ✍️ to your heart ❤️ ! Tell me about your New Year’s plans–leave a comment below or click 👇 to email me. Kathy

Kathy the blogger ✍️ ❤️

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