I love❤️to laugh😂

As you know if you’ve been reading my blog, I’m always looking for ways to make you feel better.  I write about exercise, journaling, and connection to name a few. Also, I write a lot about authenticity, which is never a one and done so you’ll be reading a lot about that in future posts.  So, today’s topic is going to cheer you right up because it’s about laughter.  And by the way, have you taken the laughter test? Considering that I’m an experienced laugher, I passed it with flying colors.  I love❤️to laugh😂; I love being with funny people and I love to make other people laugh! 

Remember Mary Poppins?

Mary Poppins (glamor.com)

Do you remember the original Mary Poppins movie when she takes Jane and Michael Banks to her Uncle Albert’s house? He has a serious problem and needs help. The problem is he can’t stop laughing and it makes him levitate to the ceiling!  His laugher is so contagious that soon Jane and Michael are laughing  uncontrollably and up they go.  Soon after that Mary Poppins and Bert the chimney sweep join them. That whole scene just makes me laugh! Here’s what Wikipedia says about it: the premise of the scene, that laughter and happiness cause Uncle Albert (and like-minded visitors) to float into the air, can be seen as a metaphor for the way laughter can “lighten” a mood.  I would’ve floated to the ceiling many times in my life, because I love❤️to laugh😂 (ha-ha–that’s the name of the song they sing 🎵🎵😂 )

Let’s continue with the fun. I like to back up my topics with medical data from reliable sources so I use PubMed.  It allows users to find information on biomedical literature. Since their explanations are hard to understand (they’re written by medical professionals) I’ll attempt to translate their bio-speak. goes. I researched two articles: Seriously, laughter matters. and A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials of laughter and humour interventions on depression, anxiety and sleep quality in adults 😱:

An interview on laughter with PubMed “take one”

Okay — I didn’t have an actual interview, but if I did it would go something like this:

PubMed: There is a humor-health connection; humor is related to wellness and holistic health. Humor and humor skills are becoming increasingly valued assets in the work place.

Me: So what you’re saying is if you’re funny or are around funny people it’s good for your health, so make sure and hone those humor skills. Can you imagine having an interview and the interviewer asks if you have humor skills, and if you could tell them how you used humor effectively to increase company sales, or invent the iPhone 20? Maybe they already do.

PubMed: The use of humor among co-workers and administrators serves to form a more cohesive unit and combats the inherent stress in the demanding health care environment. Finding common experiences and frustrations, and reinterpreting them as a group, develops a camaraderie and power over previously difficult situations. 

Me: So if you work in a demanding field like healthcare (or any other demanding career) and you rehash, as a group, your troubles and throw in some humor, you may, as a group feel less stress. Awesome because I love❤️to laugh😂!

Interview on laughter with PubMed “take two”

PubMed: Ten studies comprising 814 participants were included. Meta-analysis showed that these interventions (meaning laughter interventions) significantly decreased adults’ depression, anxiety, and improved their sleep quality. The results of subgroup analysis showed that depression benefits more from long-term laughter intervention. 

Me: Laughter lightens your load and helps with depression, anxiety and sleep. However, you need to laugh a lot, especially if you’re depressed.

PubMedThis review synthesized current evidence using laughter and humor interventions to reduce negative emotion and promote better results in adults, especially with respect to target the applicability between different populations or intervention methods. 

Me: It gets rid of those negative thoughts and makes people laugh no matter who they are or where they live. Well, on second thought, maybe if you don’t like levitating🕴️to the ceiling….😂.

Cookie monster (from Pinterest)

A few more fun facts on laughter

  • Laughter releases dopamine and endorphins. They’re the hormones that make us happy and give us a sense of well being.
  • 20 minutes after laughing, heart rate, blood pressure, and muscular tension decrease and you feel more relaxed and calm that can last for 45 minutes.
  • It boosts immunity when you’re sick or stressed.
  • Natural killer cells are activated that attack tumor cells and viruses.
  • It improves mental function, memory and alertness.

What’s not to love about laughter. To summarize:I love❤️to laugh😂! Laughter, simply put, makes you feel better. So get to it. Find that joke book, hang out with funny people and make sure at your next interview you mention you have killer laughter skills.

One more thing, I started reading this hilarious book by Ellen Degeneres, called: Seriously, I’m Kidding. It’s so funny, I was cracking up on the first page. I think five minutes of reading her book (or anything funny for that matter) = laughing for five minutes and getting all the benefits I talk about!

Until next week, From my ✍️ to your❤️ –Kathy

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