Hello and thanks for checking my about page. My name is Kathy and I have facilitated personal growth workshops for  over nine years (more on that below). My mission is to share with you how to discover the best version of yourself possible.  I like to call it a “novel” approach to personal growth and it starts with mindfulness, reading empowering literature and connecting with others.

About you

Think about this. Do you take time to consider what you  really love to do? Do you pay attention to those little yearnings, those glimpses of what life could be?  Or when they “pop up” do you neatly tuck them away because you have so much “to do?” Those glimpses and yearnings are your authentic self crying for your attention.

What this blog is about

This blog is about helping you get back in touch with your authentic self by discovering what you truly love-who you were born to be. I understand – you probably have a family to take care of, bills to pay, a full-time job and you couldn’t possible squeeze in one more thing.

But what if you practiced some mindfulness meditation and you started to destress, and  feel calmer by taking that much needed time for yourself? You might start to:

  • Notice what’s working and what’s not working in your life.
  • Pay attention to those yearnings that are crying for your attention and act on them.
  • Feel calmer and less stressed.

And that is why I am here- to help you get your life back.  You don’t have to do it in a day, a week or a month, but you can start the journey.  What’s the saying – a journey begins with one single step? Something like that…

My personal growth journey

My personal growth journey has been long and arduous – just like yours.  I would pay attention to those glimpses and yearnings, but some of the people in my life didn’t like that.  I had to break free and start examining my life more carefully and connect with people who were more accepting of my authentic self.  And I discovered that my true inspiration comes from awareness of who I am through a simple meditation practice, reading great literature and connecting with other people-like you:).

A novel approach

5 novels in a pile
A novel approach to personal growth

Let me explain what I mean by a “novel approach to personal growth.”  Because I’ve become more self-aware through mindfulness,  I am able to tune into what really inspires me to grow. Although I”ve used many modern self-help tools, I find so much wisdom, life lessons, areas of inspiration and growth from literature.

Literature contains so much wisdom on personal growth. We get to  journey through the lives of all sorts of complex characters, which by the way, is what we are as humans – complex, right? By reading literature, we are also privy to colorful plots, subplots, magical and not so magical places, poignant landscapes, and vibrant villages, towns and cities from all over the world.  What a great source for inspiration and reflection. We actually create relationships with these characters, places and situations and can use the lessons learned to help us gain new insights into ourselves and others. I’m quite passionate about this and I truly want to share this with you. I want to help you walk the path to inspiration, awareness and growth.  

My credentials

  • I’ve taught personal growth workshops for the past nine years including:
    • The Seven Habits of HIghly Effective People
    • The Speed of Trust
    • Collaboration
    • Personal Change
    • Conflict Resolution
  • I have a BA in Italian Studies
  • An MA in Spanish Language and Literature
  • I am a certified Essentrics Instructor (a full body workout that stretches and strengthens your whole body and makes you look and feel fabulous)
  • An impassioned member of my local, awesome WordPress Meetup – so I can design the best possible website and blog for you-my readers.

That’s me in a nutshell.  Please be a part of this journey with me. Read my blog, leave comments, and sign-up to receive email notifications on new blog topics. Also, email me anytime! [email protected]

I am so looking forward to this journey with you!