About Me

My My name is Kathy Bobadilla, an avowed Extrovert – I love connecting with people  (I love introverts too – I have two introverted sons and one extroverted daughter)!! I’ve worked for nine years empowering people to be the best  version of themselves they can. I developed this blog so I could continue the story and connect and help even more people. Here are a few of my credentials that qualify me (and hopefully you’ll agree)!

  • Inspirational Personal Improvement facilitator with a sense of humor:)!  My classes are high energy and me and my students have a blast!
  • I teach fun and exciting classes like the ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ (my boss calls me the “Master 7 Habits” facilitator. What can I say – I’m a pushover for compliments), Change Management, Conflict Resolution and Collaboration.   I empower my participants, using compelling class material and lots of interaction to make impactful changes in their lives. And, I always learn so much from them. It is defintetly an opportunity for all of us to learn and grow.
  • I’m a certified VanWrite professional business writer-another qualifier for writing a blog :).
  • I’m a certified Essentrics Fitness Instructor. Miranda Esmonde-White (favorite PBS fitness instructor for over 20 years) created the technique and each workout is designed to work all 650 muscles and 365 joints. It was love at first sight!  It’s designed for all ages and keeps people feeling young, active and pain free. The workouts increase flexibility, stretch and tone your muscles and improve your posture. It also works your brain and after a workout you feel fabulous.
  • And last year I decided to up my game and hired an awesome, inspiring and empowering Tony Robins coach to help me kick but on my business goals. And one of them is to bring you an blog that rocks: gives you some advice, shares touching stories, funny stories, interesting research on things like meditation exercise, well being and having a fun and balanced life.
Come along for a great ride and life changing experience!

My goal is to share my passion for inspiring and empowering people through monthly challenges. I would love to have you along. Check out my blog and let the journey begin.