The roads less and well- travelled

Join me on my blog to take the roads less and well-travelled. Okay, so this is a parody from Robert Frost’s famous book, the Road Less Travelled (in case you hadn’t guessed) I’ll throw in some inspiration, challenges, laughter, and tears and help you figure out who the heck you are, or maybe where you want to go, or where you never want to go back to. Check out my blog post Finding out who you are can be a rocky road to get started.

My bet is that you, like me, have been through some tough stuff. Marriage, divorce, raising kids, family problems, illness, death, career changes, addictions, and sobriety to name a few. So why not check out the roads less and well-travelled to see what you can learn and even make a few changes along the way.

I’ll share about me, but not noxiously

I’ll share about my life, how I’ve “coped” and how I’ve made it to the other side (and beyond). When I went through tough stuff, I thought it would never end, but the more I trudged forward, I found out “hard times never last but tough people do” (or something like that), and you figure out how to do it and the next time it comes around you come out fighting. Or, you don’t have to fight so hard.

Here’s a few of my creds (credentials) and other stuff

  • Nine plus years facilitating personal growth workshops.
  • Great stories to inspire you.
  • Things I learned on the rocky road in therapy.
  • Meditation (can’t do without it)
  • I read a lot of books — literature, self-help, how-to, funny, sad and on and on (and when I learn something cool, I pass it on to you).

Why not check out my blog, leave a comment, and/or send me an email? Let’s get to know each other. We can even create “new roads.”

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Get inspired!

Kathy 🙂