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Required to Inspire (YOU)

I’m Kathy, thanks for dropping in.

My goal is to inspire you. What are the key stories in our lives that change us? Who and what can inspire, empower and help us recover from loss or sickness? What stories bring us to tears of joy and tears of sadness? How do we succeed and why do we fail? Who are the people that tear us down and who are the ones that lift us back up? This is what this site it about. I will bring you stories with all of the above and more. Stories to touch your heart, to make you laugh, to make you cry and most of all to help you become your true, authentic self.

Let’s get inspired together and create something extraordinary!

I would love to hear from you- your stories, your life experiences – what has beaten you down and what got you back up? I have been through many experiences myself…loss of a loved one, exciting travel adventures, addiction, discovery of an amazing fitness workout, divorce, a new relationship, breast cancer, friendships, family ups and downs, child raising (need I say more?) great jobs, and not so great jobs, and on and on.